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To succeed in branding, B&B team will understand both the wants of your customers and your brand reputation and performance. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions. Knowing how these views align with the company’s mission and culture is critical to building the optimal brand strategy. We will do this by supporting advice and ideas on how to protect or promote your brand reputation. A corporate campaign and road show is another way to attribute your brand to a wider audience.

Branding Identity
Brand Building Campaign

To uncover and articulate the values and reputation of your brand, our team will devise some effective campaigns to convey the brand image to a wider audience. Based on the market analysis and brand evaluation, we would avoid the "me too" brand positioning and project your brand identity over other competitors. 

  • Corporate and product logo design

  • Brand identity and image design

  • Corporate events, promotional materials and advertising 

  • Annual reports and newsletters

  • Collateral materials such as brochures, press kits, outreach materials

  • Website design and revamp management

Market Analysis

B&B is good at applying SWOT analysis model to analyze an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to create the foundation of a marketing strategy. To be more specific, our research capabilities include:


  • Brand Engagement
    Build up customer, employee and stakeholder satisfaction

  • Brand Valuation
    Conduct brand preference evaluation and assessment, carry out market share analysis, understanding the brand’s influence on market cap and revenue and audience segmentation

  • Brand Positioning
    Identify and communicate a brand's uniqueness, differentiation and verifiable value

  • Brand Projection
    Forecast the budget, develop short-term and long-term strategies

  • Brand Tracking
    Monitor the brand health relative to its previous performance and provide insights into the effectiveness of marketing programs through benchmarking 

Strategy Formulation

We have full-time in-house research team who maintain our tracking, clipping and program research initiatives. For our formal research we rely upon professionals in each segment of this industry. These would include telephone research, direct response, focus groups, think tank, industry experts and opposition research companies. All of our consultants provide our clients confidential, as well as the immediate service. Our consultants are experts within their fields on analyzing this type of information.

Brand Management

Maintaining the brand reputation after the brand has been built up must be viewed as a continuous long-term strategy, not a short-term one. Our service is to help to develop brand forecasting year plan and bring your brand image into customer purchase experience, thus strengthen the customer loyalty. A series of marketing campaigns will be scheduled as a tool to boost the brand positioning and enlarge the market segment as well. 

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